We have created a climbing community inclusive to all climbers.

When you first visit our gym, an instructor will start you with an induction on how to use the gym, how to climb and  how to keep yourself and other climbers safe.

Climbing has many health and fitness benefits as a recreational sport.  Being involved in climbing will help your self confidence and your social circle will grow.

We hope climbing becomes a great part of your life, like it is ours.

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What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing where holds are arranged on the wall as a problem. The climber needs to solve the problem to complete the route. The skill in bouldering comes from moving your body in a planned sequence with grace and strength. Good climbers make it look easy!

Bouldering requires minimal equipment and you can climb solo so it’s easy to get started.

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What is top rope and lead climbing?

Top rope and lead climbing use a harness and ropes to assist with climbing. Walls are typically higher and the ropes act as a safety mechanism to stop your fall. Both top rope and lead climbing require you to climb with a partner who tensions the rope while you send the route.

You start out on top ropes and can progress to lead climbing. Lead enables you to climb different routes indoors and is essential to take your climbing outdoors.

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What is a climbing route?

The path you follow to complete a climb in top rope or lead is called a climbing route. In bouldering we refer to these as ‘problems’. The idea is that you need to solve the problem to complete the route.

Routes and problems are graded according to ease or difficulty.  Climbers progress to the next grade once they can easily and cleanly complete climbs in that grade. Grades are great for giving you feedback on progression as you build your techniques and strength.

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How do I get started?

Our staff will welcome you on arrival. New climbers are given an induction on how to use the equipment and walls to make sure you have a fun and safe experience. You need to complete a waiver form before you can climb. You can do this now or at the gym.

Online Waiver Form

For top roping (Malaga) we will show you how to fit your harness and safely use the equipment as well as some climbing advice. During busy periods we run inductions every half hour. Bouldering is also available.

  • Top rope climbing is available from ages 4 and up. Children under 12 require an adult to belay for them. Bouldering for ages 12+.

What should I wear?

Climbing is best done is comfortable stretchy clothes, like gym clothes that allow you to freely move and stretch your body.

Good shoes and chalk is the most important gear for climbing. This is especially true for bouldering. Shoes, chalk and harnesses are available to hire or purchase from the ProShop.

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What should I bring?

Drinks and snacks can be purchased at the cafe.

Water bottles can be refilled at the filtered water station.

Bags and shoes are stored in lockers or pigeonholes.

Showers on site for after your climb.

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Do I need to book?

You will need to book using the group bookings page if you have a group of 10 or more climbers. Group bookings are currently only available at our Malaga centre. Please call if you are unsure.

Corporate team building is also available. Please call or email for more information.

Everyone else can climb anytime.

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How long can I climb for?

Entry gives you all day access to the gym. Most people spend a couple of hours climbing and hanging out. There is a cafe in the gym and chill out areas for you to enjoy.

Our most popular ways to pay.


Casual entry $20



5 visit pass $90



1 month from $90 p/m



12 months from $75 p/m