To our climbing community

With the current state of COVID-19 and its impacts on people and businesses around Australia, now more than ever it is important to work together to understand and mitigate potential risks.

Summit Climbing values the strength of our community, from our customer and member base to the tight-knit group of climbers in WA. We want to reassure you that Summit Climbing remains open and a safe place to visit however we all need to adhere to measures to protects ourselves and our community.

We are actively following the advice from CDC, WHO, Australian Government, and Climbing Wall Association (CWA). Climbing Gyms do not appear to carry notable extra risk of transmission and should be treated in much the same way as any other public space.

The strength of our sport and community lies in it’s diversity and that people from all ages can participate. While you may personally be at a very low risk from this virus, others in our community and their families are not as fortunate and your actions can have a tangible effect on the broader community.

Please help us to make a positive difference by following some basic hygiene practices:

  • Wash hands thoroughly and regularly; a 20 second wash with soap and water is considered equivalent to or better than alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your face wherever possible
  • Sneeze or Cough into the crook of your elbow instead of your hands or handkerchief
  • Stay at home if you have a cough or feel ill, have encountered someone at risk from COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, or have been to any high-risk areas.

Summit Climbing are asking all of our gym users to observe these simple precautionary measures so that we may continue to engage in the sport that we love safely during this time.

What are we doing?

While we already maintain our facility to a high standard of cleanliness, please see below for additional measures that we have implemented in our day-to-day procedures:

  • Increasing the frequency of our professional cleaning services
  • Providing extra hand sanitising options for customers – please wash or sanitise your hands when you arrive and before you leave
  • Staff will be washing hands, cleaning and disinfecting regularly used surfaces more often
  • Staff have been asked to limit physical contact where possible during safety induction processes
  • All rental shoes sanitised before and after every use
  • Signage provided in the gym for customer awareness
  • Staff updated and aware of latest information on COVID-19.

We are checking in with the latest information from Government authorities as it happens and will ensure that we take measures in accordance with recommended guidelines. We hope that you will join us in raising awareness of good hygiene practices as we navigate a difficult time for many.

Thanks and see you on the wall,

The Summit Climbing Team