Rock climbing is a challenging and fun activity that your students will love.  Whether it’s a day excursion or a climbing course, we will make sure it’s a great experience. We pride ourselves on high teaching standards, best practices and above all a safe learning environment.

Rock climbing is a great youth activity. It relies on physical exertion and mental focus to participate.  Best of all it is accessible by students regards of their fitness or strength. Our climbing walls feature routes of various difficulties. Therefore each student will be challenged against their own abilities.

Through the practice of climbing and the course activities, students learn effective communication, teamwork and goal setting. Rock climbing is great for building self-confidence both on and off the wall.


School groups are welcome for climbing excursions as a casual visit.

Cost: $16 pp (10 – 30 climbers)
$14pp (31+ climbers)

Included: All day entry and equipment.
Climbing induction on entry.

Bookings are essential, please fill in the form below to get in touch.


The Outcomes Based Course (OBC) provides teachers and students with a practical, challenging and rewarding course to teach the sport of rock climbing.

Included: Entry & equipment, student workbook and dedicated climbing instructor


The Outcomes Based Course (OBC) provides teachers and students with a practical and challenging course to learn the sport of rock climbing.

Course content, assessment and student feedback is delivered by our experienced climbing instructors. We work with students in small groups. This ensures students get the most from their climbing experience.


Course content follows the outdoor education curriculum. Similarly all activity guidelines refer to Dept. of Education requirements for:

  • Equipment safety, maintenance and use
  • Climbing Communication
  • Correct and safe belay process
  • Climbing Techniques
  • Climbing Knots
  • Bouldering
  • Introduction to Lead Climbing
  • Top Roping skills and techniques with focus on graded climbs

Course structure is dependent on your timetable and budget requirements. The course can be customised to accommodate your group or required learning outcomes. We recommend a 10 week course of 1 to 2 hour sessions per week.  Our instructors are available to teach by onsite or offsite delivery.

One hour session: $15/student

Cost includes instructor delivered content, entry to the gym and equipment hire (harness, shoes & chalk bag).

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“Our course provides students the opportunity to build self-confidence, work in a team and understand how to set and achieve personal goals.


Challenge your students with a great course to complement their academic education.”

  • Stretching and a warm-up
  • Introduction to course content
  • Recap of previous material

Students are divided into groups of eight and assigned an Instructor at the start of their course. These groups remain consistent to encourage team building, communication and familiarity among peers and climbing styles.


Students are introduced to skills and techniques for rock climbing. Similarly they will practice skills in communication, team work and goal setting. Each class presents new ideas and concepts.

Each week students are given the opportunity to climb and practise the prescribed skills and outcomes.  A Certificate of Attainment is awarded to students at the completion of the course. We encourage graduates to continue their climbing practice. Therefore we have created discounts to OBC graduates which are valid for the remainder of the year.

School administrators are provided with course assessment results and feedback is available on individual and group performance. To book please send us an email.


It’s recommend that no classes are missed as the course is quite short and the lessons detailed. However, if time allows, Instructors will do their best to catch you up on any missed content the following week.

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