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Summit Climbing has something for everyone. 

Join our community of climbers and love the adventure climbing brings. Our courses and training can help you with every stage. Get in touch to find out more.

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Malaga – Ropes & Bouldering

Summit Climbing Malaga (formerly City Summit) is our ropes gym with top rope and lead climbing walls catering to all levels. Bouldering wall also available.

We run all our courses for youth and adult climbers here. This includes climbing skills and techniques training, lead climbing, age-specific programs and fitness-based classes.

Check out the locations page for more information and directions.

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Getting started

We will help you get started. All you need to do is show up!

Save time and complete a Waiver Form before you arrive at the centre.

New visitors get a lesson in how to climb safely from one of our friendly instructors. First timers can find out more on our first timers page.

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How does it work?

Climbing requires you to move your body along a sequence of coloured holds to reach the end of the route. Coloured holds are placed on the wall to create a problem to solve. Routes are coded by hold colour and created for different levels. Once you can easily and cleanly climb a level then you are ready to progress.

Climbing is done solo (without ropes or a harness, called bouldering) or with a partner using a top rope or lead setup.

Climbing is great for body and mind

Climbing is an amazing activity to workout your entire body. In fact it is one of the best full body workouts you can do. Climbing builds strength and endurance while being fun and social. Best of all, climbing requires you to think about how to use and position your body and plan a sequence of moves, so it’s great for your focus, problem solving and mindfulness. You can also expect a high calorie burn each session.

Our most popular ways to pay

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Casual entry $20


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5 visit pass $90


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1 month from $90 p/m



12 months from $75 p/m


Give the gift of climbing

A Summit Gift Voucher is redeemed on anything in store.  

A great gift idea to use on general entry, courses, memberships or equipment. Use once or over multiple transactions at either centre.  Best of all they never expire!


We are part of the Summit Climbing Group

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